September 22, 2012

  • Non-Stress Test

    Dear Bubbly,

    Mummy was at the hospital getting a non-stress test done. Everything was normal. Everything should be as it is. Except that you are not out yet. You got mummy concerned when your heartbeat would spike every so often but I have been told that is normal and is what they wanted and had expected to see. Daddy sat patiently for the 30mins, while the test was being administered. When we left the hospital, Mummy was craving for a Slurpee and it was a bonus when I discovered that they had Strawberry Limeade as one of their flavours. Mmmmmm YUMMY! Freezing cold, sweet and sour all at the same time. Mmmmm!

    Last night, mummy had some cramps and pains that were a little more intense than usual so in typical mummy fashion I was quietly cheering that contractions had finally started. Turns out ... mummy's body needed to do a #2. Yeah, texted a few of mummy's friends and your daddy and they had a good laugh at mummy. *shrugs* Glad to know mummy can still provide comical relief for friends and family. :D

    Nothing else has changed other than mummy feeling more cramps than usual. Am hoping you have or will decide to come out on your own freewill. But for now, mummy's going to go about her day and try not to sit around and wait for you. Although my big belly with you snuggled in as snug as a rug in a bug is a constant reminder that you are not here yet. *pout* 

    Here's mummy going to finish up some DIY projects and see how the day goes. Oh and it is the first day of Autumn, maybe you have decided to be an Autumn baby. Leaves are turning a nice hue of yellows and browns. Mummy has always loved Autumn colours so maybe that is another incentive for you to come out? Maybe .... ?



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