November 9, 2012

  • Esmerelda at 6-Weeks-Old

    Dear Bubbly,

    My dear lil princess (daddy's lil monkey), you turn 6-Weeks-Old today. Where did the time go????! 

    You're starting to stay awake a lil longer these days and you don't scream as much as you did before. If you have been fed good and well rested, we could have a good 15-20 minutes of calm time to interact and talk to you and you would smile and gurgled and cooed back at us. You also like to look at your name that we have above your changing table which sometimes distract you from screaming while you get changed. I like to think you follow my finger as I point out the letters that spell out your name. Maybe it's just because the letters are black in contrast to the white wall and I read that babies are attracted to items in black and white. However, I'd like to think that you, my lil princess, is one smart lil cookie. :D Now, if you would only stop confusing your days and nights. Mummy would love to sleep more on the bed than sleeping while sitting on the sofa with you. 


    PS : Your 外婆 (Wai Po) insisted I take a photo of your eyes so that she can document the colour of your eyes. Well, as much as Mummy dearest here would love for you to have light coloured eyes, I am not sure you lucked out to have bluish eyes like your Daddy.



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